Water treatment


The equipment for wastewater treatment plants designed and manufactured by UNFAMED Agua reaches high quality levels thanks to its design and the materials used.

In our catalogue we list the different mechanical equipment we sell.


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The modular plants designed and manufactured by UNFAMED Water use the same processes as conventional civil engineering plants, offering advantages that the latter do not have, such as the possibility of mass production, ease of transport and low maintenance costs.

Prefabricated water purification plants resolve, quickly and economically, the supply of drinking water in camps, campsites, hotels, on building sites and in small towns, as well as in emergency situations or during natural disasters.

  • Prefabricated, assembled and containerized plants that facilitate their immediate installation and start up without the need for civil works.
  • Sand bed filtration, for the removal of suspended solids.
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane desalination of seawater, for the removal of dissolved solids: mineral salts, heavy metals, dissolved organic matter, pesticides, radioactive elements, etc.
  • Flexible; portable plant for humanitarian aid or stationary plant for population supply. It incorporates all the necessary equipment for the supply of drinking water from the source to the consumer’s tap. Large water supply capacity.


More than 20 years treating water – yours and everyone else’s

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