Who we are

Unfamed Manufacturers is a Spanish company composed of a diverse team of professionals from the water treatment and engineering sector that works to put its experience, know-how and the quality of its products and services at the customer’s service.

The mark of the founding partners, with 40 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment for the medical-sanitary sector, is combined with the drive and renewal of the engineering team that contributes its energy and dedication to developing and manufacturing technology for the treatment of waste water (biodiscs, plastic fillers for bacterial beds), and drinking water (water purification plants).

Water, our environment. Health, our life.

And in this environment of activity of the manufacturing of water treatment systems and equipment for industrial companies, the manufacture and marketing of products and solutions for industrial maintenance is developed.

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Business Lines

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Water Treatment

Waste water purification (biodiscs, biofilters for bacterial beds), drinking water treatment, hydraulic installations, as well as repair and maintenance.

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Development of Architecture and Industrial Engineering, Medical Care, Residential and Commercial Administration Projects.

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Manufacture and marketing of medical and hospital equipment.



Manufacture, import, export and marketing of all types of lubricating oils, greases and chemicals used in industry.

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