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The mission of UNFAMED CHEMICALS is to manufacture, import, export and market all types of lubricating oils, greases and chemicals used in industries.

UNFAMED CHEMICALS acts as a complex management department for external operations, offering high quality integrated services that combine the long and successful professional trajectory of the parent companies, which contribute their extensive commercial experience, know-how and a technical infrastructure that enables us to be self-sufficient in all resources.

In accordance with a policy focused on continuous growth and development, and in line with the emergence of new technologies in the sector, at UNFAMED CHEMICALS we have developed our own specific line of products and services to provide quality, reliable and efficient solutions to tackle the challenges of the sector.

The participation of our team of professionals in each phase of development of our projects enables UNFAMED CHEMICALS to guarantee and commit itself to providing optimal and profitable solutions, which meet client expectations in terms of cost, efficiency and quality.



Optimal and profitable solutions.

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